Plans for 2022

Plans? Jemma has plans!? Yes, I do! I do not know if I will be able to keep up with them, but I am going to have a try anyway!

Some of you may already know, but I am involved in some groups on Facebook and if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that in October, at the MK Stitching Retreat, I started my first ever HAED – “Mini Small Magellanic Cloud” in Max Colours (177 colours!!). It was my “New Start Saturday” piece.

As it is currently the only HAED I am stitching on (there are a few that I have on my wishlist!), I am going to be using it for some stitching challenges.

The groups that I am a member of are:

“Mini Small Magellanic Cloud” has 62,500 stitches and one of the challenges in Full Coverage Fanatics is 22,000 Stitching in 2022; if I complete this challenge I will have completed 35% of the piece at the end of this year-long challenge – it is doable, right?

I have decided that I need to make monthly FlossTubes to help me with my accountability; as this year I have not really done many videos.

Until the next row…


Whoops?! It’s been over ten months…

Hello Fellow Stitchers; I am so sorry that I have not kept you all updated with my stitching since January. I have been posting on my Instagram more than here – which I feel is not the best thing to do! I have a couple of charts that I have designed, which I have not uploaded onto Gumroad. I have decided to post them here instead! How excting is that??

Since January, I have finsihed the following:

“January to October” ‘Monthly Markers’ from the Cross Stitcher magazine ‘Freebie’ from January 2021.

“Fantastic Fungi” from Stitchonomy

“Stay Home Insta Icon” by Luba Davies Atelier

“January 2007 Celtic Knot” from Ink Circles

“Wish You Were Here Postcard” by Emma Congdon

“Winter SAL 2020” by Stitchonomy

“Be Well” by Thistles

“Fiesta, Siesta, Repeat” by A Fethered Stitch

“Russian Doll” by Durene Jones

“Bless This House” by Steotch

“Ladybug” by Barbara Ann via Cyberstitchers

“#GBBO Section” of FoE SAL by Cunning Cross Stitch

“Love Lives Here” by Heart in Hands

“Welsh Alphabet” by Wolf Down The Rabbithole (via Instagram/Gumroad)

“Favourite Colour” in 550 by ParkHopperBart (via Instagram/Gumroad)

Colorwork SAL by Stitchonomy

“Quaker Halloween Sampler” by San-Man Originals

I have recevied my ATCs via the A3ATCSwapGroup – which is organised by Amy’s Art Alchemy on Instagram. I have sent all of my ATCs. I took part in the #CommonThreadedStitcher tag on Instagram and the “Olympic Team Event” via Stitchingly.

I finally was able to attend a Retreat! After the “World Imploding” (I do not want to say the word; I am still getting use to it!), all of the Retreats I was booked on were either cancelled or postponded. This weekend; I attended the MK Stitching Retreat! I was so happy to see my fellow Stitchers and got to meet some new Subscribers on my YouTube channel – I was a little surprised to be recognised, as of today I only have 274 subscribers!

I have been spending a lot of my time working on “Pandemic” by Long Dog Sampler and at the retreat I started my first ever Heaven And Earth Designs piece – “Mini Small Magellanic Cloud” – Max Colours. I am looking forward to finsihing “Pandemic” and cracking on with my HAED stitching!

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Rotate or Not To Rotate?

I have been giving this a lot of thought recently; about having a Rotation for my Stitching. I found a post on Stitchy Box about whittling down the WIP pile.

It was very interesting and has helped me think about my WIPs more. I don’t like having too many WIPs – it makes me stress out a little bit. That is why during “Stitch Maynia” this year, I chose to do the “Freebies”. They were mostly small and I could get them done quickly. However, I am enabled very, very easily. I jumped on the “Pandemic” ‘band wagon’ and #24HOCS challenges, for example.

I really need to get myself in gear and decide if I want to rotate or not. I have seen other Stitchers use “Tiny Decisions”; an app, to help them with their rotation. I am going to have a look at this app and see if it is for me.

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Secrets within Cross Stitch?

To be honest, I have never really thought about the “secrets” that live within my cross stitched pieces unless I read a post written by Kristen at The XStitching Runner. Her post was called How Many Secrets Does Your Cross Stitch Hold?

I made me think about my stitching and the amount of “Frogging” I have done when I have made mistakes. Sometimes, I just fudge the stitching like I did in “A Very Merry Christmas Town” by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery; but when it comes to any of the Ink Circles designs – I always check, check twice and check for a third time. As if it doesn’t match – well, it is end!

When I gift any of my stitching; I don’t tell the receiver that there are mistakes. As, most of the time – they would not noticed or understand the mistakes.

Do you have secrets within your stitching?

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How many finishes since the start of 2020?

Here is a list of the finishes I stitched in 2020:

  1. Luggage Tag from Cross Stitch Crazy – Issue #258 (July 2019) by Stitchrovia
  2. Christmas Tree decoration from Cross Stitcher – Issue #??? (date year) by Susan Penny
  3. Friendship Chinese Character from CyberStitchers
  4. Winter SAL from Stitchonomy
  5. Blackwork Decoration for an exchange
  6. Homely Houseplants SAL from Stitchonomy
  7. Welcome – BOOVille Series #1 by Sugar Stitches Designs
  8. Candy Shop – BOOVille Series #2 by Sugar Stitches Designs
  9. Pi Shamrock from Claddagh Cross Stitch
  10. Magic Shop – BOOVille Series #3 by Sugar Stitches Designs
  11. Butterfiles Card from Cross Stitcher – Issue #??? (date year)
  12. Tulip Time by Hands On Design
  13. To The Beach by Hands On Design
  14. Pumpkin Farm – BOOVille Series #4 by Sugar Stitches Designs
  15. Chart from the Freebie book from World of Cross Stitching – Issue #255 by Rhona Norrie
  16. A Ghostly Mandala by Ink Circles
  17. Rose Cottage – Keyring card kit from Cross Stitcher – May 2019
  18. Butterflies & Blooms Box from Cross Stitcher – April 2020
  19. Sew Delightful – stitched purse kit from Cross Stitcher – date year
  20. May the Force Be With You sampler – internet website
  21. Stitcher’s Heart – scissor keep from Cross Stitcher #345
  22. Forever Yours – needlecase kit from Cross Stitcher #353
  23. Necklace from Cross Stitcher #??
  24. There is never a wrong time to say Thank You – Hands on Design??
  25. Choose Happy – Hands on Design
  26. #bewellandstitch – ??
  27. Catcus –
  28. Be Well and Stitch – Linkismyhomeboy via Instagram
  29. Christmas Jumper brooch – Cross Stitcher #??
  30. Be Well – Heart in Hand
  31. Be Well and Stitch – Bendy Stitchy Designs
  32. Star Wars Sampler – Bart Park Hopper
  33. Mini Steotchalone Challenge
  34. Shelter and Be Well – Petal Pusher
  35. All Hallows Eve – Lizzie*Kate
  36. Road to Emmaus – charted by me
  37. Onward Noble Steed – Lindy Stitches
  38. Black Hat Society – The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
  39. Garden SAL – Durene Jones
  40. Colourful Critters – Stitchonomy
  41. Word Cross Stitch Day 2020 freebie
  42. Class Schedule SAL – Armada Designs
  43. Wash Cycle – Ink Circles
  44. Bee Well – Ink Circles
  45. The Britsh Isles – blackwork sampler – ??
  46. April SAL – NerdFelt
  47. Halloween SAL – Stitchonomy
  48. Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL 2020
  49. Christmas Card for Grandparents – from gazette94’s blog

I swear that I had more finishes than this, I wonder what this year will bring?! Some of the finishes I cannot remember where they were from; but I *think* that I posted of the information on my Instagram account.

Until the next row…

There is a Cross Stitch Diploma Course?!

Yes! There is a course for all of us to do – it is not like some of us actually need to do it. However, I am a student of the Centre of Excellence and to celebrate their 8th birthday; a discount code was released for the month of February. I took full advantage of this discount code and bought some more courses – the Cross Stitch Diploma being one of them.

I was looking at the course before the code; but as it was priced at £127 – I was a little scared about paying that amount (There is an option to pay monthly). This is the reason why I used the 8th Birthday code!

I have only just started reading the course; as I have almost completed my Nail Technician course. I need to finish this as I have been requested by my direct sales company for proof that I am qualified…

I am actually enjoying the course; I am pleasant surprised about what I am learning. I know that I don’t know everything about Cross Stitching; but I feel that this course is helping me learn more about it.

It has not taken me that long to get through the first four modules. I am trying to do a module a week. I personally feel that we all should do this course. Here are my results so far:

  • Module 1 – Cross Stitching in Detail: 86% (Distinction)
  • Module 2 – Cross Stitch Equipment: 94% (Distinction)
  • Module 3 – Fabric Basics: 100% (Distinction)
  • Module 4 – Getting Started with Basic Stitches: 96% (Distinction)

So far, so good! I hope that I can keep the Distinction level up. What do you think? Can I do it? the next Module is Module 5 – Intermediate & Advanced Stitches. I am excited about this module.

Until the next row…

Wild Olive is doing another one!

I have even started “Jam of the Month Club” from 2019 created by Mollie of Wild Olive; but I have just seen on my Instagram feed (silly allgrythm!) that Mollie has created another SAL for 2020. Oh my word! It is so cute! There are currently four parts that have been released; Mollie is yet to released the May part. So far; Mollie has released:

I have also been listening to the podcast that Mollie is involved with Very Serious Crafts. I am only on the first series (they are currently on series 3!), but I am enjoying it all the same! It is nice to hear about other crafts that are available to me and my fellow crafters…

Are there any other craft Podcasts I should be listening to? Let me know…

Until the next row…

Looking for SALs to join?

Are you looking for SALs (Stitch-A-Longs) to keep you occupied during this time?

I have recently found this wonderful website – Magical’s Quilts and More – ‘Magical’ has been creating different type of SALs for many years. She has created Fob SALs, Band SALs and Mini Mystery SALs. I am slowing working my way through the Mini Mystery SALs. I am going to create a large sampler of them.

If you have not yet signed up for the “Year of SALs” via Stitchonomy; I highly recommend that you do! Alyssa is going a grand job keeping me busy with the SALs she has created. I have completed the ‘Homely Houseplants’ and I am currently working on the ‘Colourful Critters’. There two more SALs to come this year! Alyssa has a Facebook group dedicated for this amazing event!

You may have noticed that I have been working on the Blackwork SAL by Clare of Peppermint Purple! I have been doing the “First 52 DMC Colours” of the Stranded Threads – however, I have found out that there are no “first 52 colours”. I mean I want to stitch colours 001 to 052 – sadly there is no 036 to 047, 049 or 050 (048 upwards are Variegated threads!) It is only Week 19 of the SAL, so I have a few weeks to make a proper decision. I have been using the DMC Thread Inventory from Lord Libidan

Are there anymore SALs that we should be partaking in during this time? Just comment below!

Until the next row…

Whoops! I did it again!

Yes! I did it again! I am so sorry everyone!

It has been two months and I have re-filmed my “Year in Review” FlossTube TWICE – hopefully with the current situation of the world, I will be able to upload more videos. So, you will have all noticed (if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel) that a new video went up today. It is a mixture of my “Year in Review” and a “Finishes Parade”, with a little hint of what I have been doing during this time. I know that some of the finishes everyone may have seen; but I had some items that I had fully finished over the last few weeks!

Here is the link to said FlossTube – FlossTube #31

If you have seen on my Instagram; I have been working on a few things recently.

Until the next row…

First Retreat of 2020…

I am writing this on my way home after my first Cross Stitch Retreat of 2020. It was organised by Donna of Purple Stitcher Retreats and it happened in Crewe, Cheshire.

It was lovely to see everyone that I met last year during the Retreats I attended. I took many projects with me – some I was going to start, however I did not. I focused on my “Homely Houseplants SAL” by Alyssa of Stitchonomy. If you didn’t already know, the SAL is part of the “Year of SALs” also organised by Alyssa.

End point of the weekend…

I also worked on the 52 Weeks Blackwork SAL – called “A Year of Blackwork” by Clare at Peppermint Purple. I am a member of Clare’s Facebook group, where she has been sharing the weekly releases. I have decided to do the first 52 colours from DMC Threads. I am very excited about this SAL…

Just starting “Week 2” in DMC 002

The last project I worked on was my ‘gift’ piece for my workplace. I charted it myself using Pic-Stitch. The original painting was done by He Qi.

I took some stash to unload, sadly I didn’t sell anything but a few of the things I put on the “Freebie Table” went. I will be putting the rest of the items onto my Destashing Instagram account – @dreaminginaidadest – this evening when I arrive home.

Don’t worry! I will be filming my “Year in Review” – I promise! As I did not upload my first attempt last month. This will give me time to organise the extra information needed for my finishes. I have been using the “Homely Houseplants SAL” and “Road to Emmaus” pieces for this month’s challenges at The Ultimate Cross Stitch Group.

Until the next row…