Stitchy Update!

Wow, a lot to update you all with!

I will soon be filming my tenth FlossTube video and as of today, I have 100 subscribers! I said in my ninth update that I would do a giveaway when I reached 100 subscribers; I am very excited about it. I will be giving away one of my own designs – which I have not stitched yet. I will share it on here soon; not worry!

On Sprite Stitch (I have not done much of the stitching needed for there…), I have been updating my project list – it is called Jemma’s Stitchery – cute name right? Here I am keeping a list of all my completed projects; it is also here on the blog – just head over to Completed Projects to see them…not all of my projects are listed, I am getting them done slowly.

I had a visit from the “Frog” on my Spooky Halloween SAL by Lakeside Needlecraft; I am hoping to catch up with it soon. I had to completed re-stitch the first section, I have got the second, third and fourth sections printed and I am just going to work my way through them! The fifth part comes out today; which I will need to print off and add to my pile for this project.

LK-SOC1I have finally received part one of the “Spirit of Christmas” Mystery Sampler by Lizzie*Kate; however, I have not started it yet – I am wanting to do it for my Grandparents for their Christmas present. I will be focussing on it in the next few days, my mother is going away on holiday – which means I can watch whatever I want to the television and stitch for as long as I want! I am very excited! I feel a “Bring It On” or Harry Potter marathons happening! The second part of this Mystery Sampler was released on October 1st, however; I will have to wait for a few days (maybe a couple of weeks) as it has to come from the USA and then be posted to me from Peakside Needlecraft – this is the shop I am getting the items from.

A_Very_Merry_Christmas_Town_-_Cover_eaafb105-a0dd-410c-9e8f-55e93ca3aefd“A Very Merry Christmas Town” is coming along nicely too – because of the “Frog” visit I have not been spending much time on it! Whoops! Yes, I know! I need to get it done! I am staying positive about this WIP! I do love this design; well to be honest I love all of the designs at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. They are so cute and really modern. I have a spreadsheet of all the patterns and I am checking them off as I have bought them. Naughty, I know but you only live once!

6b582909f8017a691a8ce0e63479bb8aI have not touched the “Christmas Cupcakes” from Janlynn for a few weeks, as I wanted to get caught up with the SALs. I have completed two of the six cupcakes – I am calling them the “Holly Cupcake” and the “Candy Came Cupcake”.  I am up to date with the “Russian Dolls” SAL from KLT Charting; which is a bonus. There are twelve designs; umber six will be released soon!

FlossTube has been a god send over the last few days and my Wish list has increased – whoops again! I am going to focus on what I have “in front of me” for a while and get cracking! I have found so many new Channels to watch and I know that I will probably be binge watching them all! I am currently binge watching Debra, the AZ Needleworker. Debra has a cat called Princess; cute little black cat. Love her videos!

As my friend, Trudy, has now had her baby – a lovely little boy called Fife! I REALLY need to get his birth sampler done!


FlossTube #7 is LIVE!

Yes, my seventh FlossTube video is now available for your viewing!

Projects of 2017…

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I have had a busy few weeks. I have been downsizing my Etsy & craft show stock. I am currently hosting a Flash Sale on my Facebook page – head over there if you wish to see what I have. I have decided to stick with jewellery and stitched items. So, with a gift card I received for Christmas a trip to Hobbycraft at Northampton I carried out. I went round the store looking for some stitchy inspiration. This was when I saw this:


I tried to start it that afternoon, however I found the pattern too small to read and the Aida not tough. So…I decided not to follow the pattern – I created my own pattern using the thread colours provided in the kit. I thought it was a genius idea. What do you think?

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

I am thinking about created more of these to sell in February. Would you buy it? Either the hoop or pattern? Let me know… I have been thinking about what to back the hoop with; I have seen people who have used felt or scrapbook paper.

On the same trip, I saw Cross Stitcher (which I thought I had subscribed to – if not, I will start in February!) and there is a new SAL in the January issue. I am rather excited about that. I will need to make another trip to Hobbycraft to buy some more Aida and any threads I don’t have. Also I noticed that February’s issue was also available – two magazines to get through!

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

Also, I have been spending some time on my 2015 SAL from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I have been focusing on the title banner and the first frame. I have so many of the kits from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and I have decided to finish them before I buy anymore. I can buy them from The Homemakery here in the UK. Hee Hee, cheeky I know!

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

The members at Sprite Stitch have been Stitching for Charity; where they all do a 6″ x 6″ square of stitching that is made into a quilt. I did plan to join them a few years ago, but life took over and I was unable to. However, Doctor Mario is what I am going to do for the charity. I have been getting my supplies together for a few months now and I am ready to get started. I will keep you posted on all of that…

Until the next row…

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Other Cross Stitch Blogs

I have always been interested in Cross Stitching and I am very tempted to subscribe to Cross Stitcher again as there is a Summer Sale currently happening – 3 issues for £1 – I do love a bargain!

However; this post is all about other cross stitching blogs that I have found on my stitching journey.

Jamie “Mr X Stitch” Chalmers

mr-x-stitchI first saw Mr X when I became a member of the Craftivist Collective; a group of crafters who are also activists. Head over to the CC site for more details about what we do. Jamie is known for showcasing talented needleworkers and is a regular in Cross Stitcher. I was inspired on what he said in his Ted Talk in Bedford.


Lord Libidan

lord-libidan-logoI have seen Lord Libidan’s work all over the internet; but I did not know that we are both members of Sprite Stitch until I joined the forum. I was drawn to the creative the Libidan has. Amazing pieces of not only 2D but 3D art.

Head over to Libidan’s website for more examples! So inspiring!


Badass Cross Stitch

iusa_400x400-28322188_k399This woman is amazing! I first saw Shannon on Instagram when she started the #YearOfStitch SAL and I am about to start a piece for her #EndGunViolence Craftivism project. I have not got long to complete this project!

I will let you all see the progress soon! You are going to love it!



Craftivist Collective

cc_logoSarah and the rest of the collective are an amazing bunch of people. I have been a member for a few years now and support the Collective in any shape or form and as much as I can. I am huge fan of the Mini Protest Banners – I recently place one at one of my workplaces to help the people think of the world around them. It worked; as people were asking all about it. I love a good old talking point.

Until the next row…

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Sprite Stitch : June/July Challenge Entry

Oh yes! I know that I have not been very active at Sprite Stitch for a while, but I had the sudden urge to stitch again! This “month’s” challenge was on the theme of ‘Royalty’; as I started *very* late into this challenge, I decided to do a quick stitch.

Here is what I did:

WP_20160728_14_08_55_Pro_LI (3)

Princess Peach from Mario; isn’t she cute?! I used a bracelet pattern from Bracelet Book and the creative KotinKandy created it.

This piece only took me about five hours to do; I did them over two days. I think that I would have stitched it quicker if I had used White 14 Count Aida and not Navy Blue 14 Count Aida.

I actually enjoyed creating this little beauty; I am thinking about either framing her or putting her in a hoop and giving to my niece; Willow, who has recently had a Princess themed bedroom created for her.

Until the next row…

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Stitching The Night Away…

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210


Here at Dreaming In Aida I will be keeping you all up to date with my current projects and pattern creations. I will let you know who has created the patterns and where you can find them; just in case you want to have a try!

I am a fan of all styles of stitching and I like to stitch items from a variety of genres, from Geek to Cute – because of this I am a member of the Sprite Stitch community for a couple of years now and I have taken part in some of the monthly challenges and I am also a MASSIVE fan of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and I am currently working my way through their designs.

If there is a designer or a pattern you think I should try my hand at; please let me know! I would love to hear from you!

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